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Due to the Covid-19 virus affecting the world, an online participation alternative was added to our congress.

We wish the effect of the virus to end until the date of the Congress. Our greatest wish is to come together personally as in our first two congresses and realize our 3rd congress.


- Our congress will be held with the teleconference program called ZOOM.

- This program is free of charge for our participants.

- You can connect directly with the password that will be given to you before the congress, without subscription or membership.

- While making your presentation, you can reflect the power point (if any) on the screen so that the audience can see your slide.

- As in normal congresses, all sessions will be created on an area basis.

- Virtual presentation halls will be established

- You have to make your presentation with other participants in these halls.

- You can virtually participate in other sessions other than your own, listen to presentations and ask questions.

- The entire congress and all sessions will be broadcast live on YOUTUBE.

- In order to avoid any problems during the congress, our technical staff will contact you one week before the congress and make a 1-minute online presentation rehearsal.

- Each session will be moderated by the respective session chair.

- Post-congress abstracts and full texts (full text is not mandatory) will be published in the congress book with ISBN.

- Participation documents (for all authors) will be sent as PDF after the congress.

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